Freedom of Information Act Projects


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    May. 2018

    Horry County School Construction

    PAPR filed an FOIA request in May 2018 seeking records related to the procurement process that led to the awarding of $220 million in construction contracts to First Floor Energy Positive in November 2015 to build five new schools. PAPR also is seeking email, text messages and other forms of communication between Horry County School Board members, First Floor Energy Positive CEO Robbie Ferris, SfL+a Architects and school board attorney Keith Powell.

    1 FOIA filed | 46 Documents released | Filed under Education
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    Mar. 2018

    SC Hemp Pilot Project

    PAPR filed an FOIA request with the South Carolina Department of Agriculture regarding the 2018 Hemp Pilot Program and all records pertaining to the establishment of the program, any documentation pertaining to changes to the 2019 program, copies of all applications for both the 2018 and 2019 Hemp Programs, and all documents related to the decision-making process granting 20 farmers entry into the 2018 Pilot Program and all documents pertaining to the decision-making process denying other applicants.

    1 FOIA filed | 0 Documents released | Filed under Agriculture
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    Mar. 2018

    Prison and jail phone services

    PAPR filed two FOIA requests in March 2018 seeking records related to all contracts with vendors to provide inmate telephone or video-phone services in any South Carolina Department of Corrections prison, detention center, hospital, or other detention facility where inmates are incarcerated.

    2 FOIAs filed | 1 Document released
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    Nov. 2017

    SC Attorney General's private email account

    All emails to or from Attorney General Wilson's private email account sent to or received by anyone with an email account as well as any emails relating to the business or operation of the Office of the Attorney General.

    1 FOIA filed | 2 Documents released | Filed under Law Enforcement
  • 22
    Nov. 2017

    Fifth Circuit Solicitor's Office financial records

    PAPR has requested public records from the Fifth Circuit Solicitor's Office, Richland County and Kershaw County pertaining to the Fifth Circuit Solicitor's Office revenue and expenditures. The requested documents include audits, budgets, bank records, credit card statements, accounting records, check requests and receipts, and records pertaining to vendors tasked with managing programs that generate fees.

    3 FOIAs filed | 180 Documents released | Filed under Law Enforcement

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PAPR is dedicated to shining a light on the actions of South Carolina public officials and agencies. Our mission is to promote public access to public records, as well as protect and strengthen the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act and other public disclosure laws that enable citizens to fully exercise their right to know how their government works on their behalf.

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