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There are a number of ways you can contribute

Support open records with a donation to PAPR

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Public Access to Public Records (PAPR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit directed by a three-member volunteer board that relies on private donations to pay reasonable costs to obtain access to public records, digitally process those records, and make them available to the public on a free, searchable website.

Collecting and digitally archiving public records is less expensive than alternatives, but there are costs. Your contribution can help defray these costs. In addition, PAPR is prepared to go to court to fight for access to public records and there are often costs and fees associated with such litigation.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made using the donate link above or by mailing checks to:

Public Access to Public Records
P.O. Box 626
Columbia, SC 29202

Citizens have a right to understand what their government is doing on their behalf and with their tax dollars. PAPR’s work furthers civic engagement by making public records more accessible, but what happens with the information we collect is up to you.

Do you have a question about what your public officials are doing? Did you learn something heartening or disappointing about your government? PAPR relies on you to determine what questions need to be asked. PAPR seeks answers to those questions and leaves it to you to decide what to do with the information we make available.

In addition, the public’s right to know what their government and elected leaders are doing is under constant attack. Open records advocates are fighting to improve South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act at the same time they are fending off challenges to narrow its scope. Court battles are waged across the state to shine light on cases and issues critical to public exposure, and often these legal decisions can set enduring precedent. Get involved in legislation pending before the General Assembly. Let your state senators and representatives know where you stand on these issues.

Keep up with the latest issues related to the SC FOIA by following us on Twitter at @papr_sc. Share our work. Attend a public meeting. Write your elected leaders. Find ways to get engaged.

Our mission

PAPR is dedicated to shining a light on the actions of South Carolina public officials and agencies. Our mission is to promote public access to public records, as well as protect and strengthen the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act and other public disclosure laws that enable citizens to fully exercise their right to know how their government works on their behalf.

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PO Box 626
Columbia, SC 29202